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The SMpod started to work as an informative site for its viewers in 2017, covering the edges of technology, science, health, entertainment, news and multiple other categories and other part and parcels of daily spheres.

In the field of technology, science, media, and entertainment we generally focus on those current trends that are mostly searched including the news from iPhone, macs, PS, Xbox, social networks, androids, PCs, Laptops and the worldwide web.

We are continuously accumulating the efforts to make our platform a best and reliable resource of information and most importantly a perfect user choice. While moving with the flow, we are further ambitious to involve guest blogging, users’ reviews, web analytics, subscription details, emails and notifications and lot more for users’ convenience in our site.

It is our motive to make our platform not only a steadfast but one of the most influential site of the world.  We keep our users privacy at prior so that they can experience a hassle-free route to our site. For more, visit our privacy policy.

Any information regarding advertisement and guest blogging can be attain through our contact us portal. Moreover, we welcome our users to directly contact anytime to sort out any queries and concerns from us (if any).

Keep on visiting our website and enjoy the latest ongoing trends. Stay blessed, stay awake and stay acknowledged!!!!

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