The Top Ten Meal Replacement Shakes For Weight Loss and Smoothies

Why You Love Meal Replacement Shakes?

I will dare to say that some days you don’t have time to prepare fully balanced, protein-packed, low-calorie, energy-boosting, world class flavor meals. Meal replacement shakes are designed to give you the nutrition your body craves without the mess.
Typically they provide between 200 to 250 calories per serving but they also low in fats, high in proteins and rich in vitamins.
Here I introduce you some great and healthy variety of meal replacement shakes. See below;

Vega One – Completely Nutritional Shake:

vega one

It is made from real, whole food ingredients and has all the good stuff.
There is no extra sugar is added in Vega One. Per serving it contain 160 calories. This shake is a complete source of protein, minerals and vitamins which made from fresh vegetables and fruits.

This product has a good sweet taste. Remember this product doesn’t contain xanthan gum or guar gum. Also includes probiotics to improve your digestive and immune system health.

It has low sodium and potassium levels: perfect for weight loss goals.

Lean Shake By Gnc:

Lean Shake By Gnc

General nutrition center made this total lean shake which support all of our weight loss goals and great source of burn more calories.
They come with a great variety of tasty flavors with special tastes. One of the most popular flavors of buyers is cookie and cream. But I like Vanilla Bean and Swiss chocolate.

Myotein Weight Loss Shake By Xpi:

Myotein Weight Loss Shake


Myotein is a protein supplement powder which is made from the best sources. Presence of amino acids in Myotein shake helps to those individuals who suffer with certain medical conditions. For example, if obese patients drink this shake their satiety may stimulate. It is a formula to increase the level of protein in your body.
No doubt, it is more than other supplements.

LipoFuze Shake By Nutripharm:

Lipo Fuze Shake By Nutripharm

Lipo Fuze provides us all the nutrients with high amount of proteins as well as provides 19 extremely important vitamins and minerals. This shake not only promises us to lose maximum weight but also promises to support gains in thin muscles.

Its two components Fibersol-2 and green tea extract make it different from other diet shakes.



Ideal shake contains only 1 gram of sugar per serving. It is made from cocoa powder and has a sweet yummy chocolaty flavor.
It doesn’t contain any trans fat. Only include healthy fats. It is packed with Vitamin A and D. This shake is perfect for diet because Sodium is low in Ideal shake which is great for reduce the water to maintain.

It gets a little crisp in taste but if you add ice or water in it with a good blender it gets yummy and creamy.

Raw Organic Meal By Garden Of Life:

Raw Organic Meal By Garden Of Life


This meal replacement shake for weight loss fulfill all the requirements like, it is fat free. It includes minimum amount of sodium and potassium and only one gram of sugar.

It includes live probiotics which provides energy to our body and improve or digestive system. You can also add cinnamon, almond and vanilla extract in this shake because its taste is not so much good.

Fast Shake By Quick Trim:

Fast Shake By Quick Trim

If you have not yet heard about this shake, then today is your lucky day!

It is designed to provide the crucial nutrition that may be lacking while dieting, as well as increase your energy levels. This high protein, high fiber, energy packed formula supplies more than 100 vitamins, minerals, antioxidiants, whole food nutrients, probiotics and macro nutrients that you cannot find anywhere else.

Ultra met By Champion Nutrition:

Ultra met By Champion Nutrition

It is a product that fortified with 27 vitamins and minerals, 24 grams of complex carbs for sustained energy, 42 grams of protein and only 3 grams of fat this meal replacement shake doesn’t fool around.

It certainly doesn’t have the flavor of a typical weight loss shake and there is a cult following for this proven meal replacement shake.

Lean 1 By Nutrition 53:

Lean 1 By Nutrition 53

It is a fat burning meal replacement that contains just the right bend of protein, fiber, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals to keep your body feeling energized and full.

If you are looking for the complete package of overall health, wellness and weight-loss, this could be your best choice.

Myoplex Lite By Eas:

Myoplex Lite By Eas

This unique, custom-engineered nutrition shake is formulated to include protein, vitamins, minerals. It is a great source of most important nutrients which is necessary for your body to maintain muscles tissues.

Most important thing is it doesn’t contain any banned substances. You can easily combine it with water or milk and mix in a blender and enjoy it.