Men’s and boys haircuts 2018 Spring Summer. A new season of Spring Summer 2018 has arrived, and with it, we have the option to bet on a change of “look” and if you are a young boy or a teenager, the truth is that the options you have are many so that we will now see some of the best hairstyles  boys you can find for the next months whether you have long or short hair, or have it smooth or curly, even wavy.


Long and Cool boys haircuts 2018

We started with a trend of hair, long hair, which has come back strongly in the face of this Spring Summer 2018 so that if you have left long new hairstyle for boys during the spring and summer and now you can see that you are wearing hair, it has arrived the moment to get renewed your appearance.

The cuts to layer have swept between the haircuts for women of long hair, and now it seems that also it is imposed for the men, so that this Spring Summer 2018, bets for appearing your mane so that it is seen with more movement.

Asymmetric long hairstyles for boys

On the other hand, asymmetries are very fashionable in regard to long hair, so it is another option we have for young men who have decided to let their hair grow. The somewhat more “disheveled” style of this type of cut is a trend and in fact, will sweep for the long hair male Spring Summer 2018. This style of haircut is one of the most classic in terms of hipster haircuts for men.


Let’s see below, in this gallery of photos, more proposals of long haircuts for young boy 2018:

Short Hair Cuts for Young Boy

On the other hand, boys haircuts short for men are still imposed so that there are many options that we can find for the new season of Spring Summer 2018, although they impose as not, the cuts that continue to mark asymmetries between the central part and the one on the sides and the one on the back. In addition, another one of the tendencies is the bet by the cut with bangs.


Short haircut with bangs

The short boys haircuts 2018 with bangs was a trend during 2010 and 2011, and it seems that it returns with strength for this Spring Summer 2018 and especially for young guys since it makes it a type of cut that usually favors them a lot.


The bangs 2018 for young men is not a type of fringe with too much volume or amount of hair and it is not a straight fringe, but it is worn a little bit and even opened as we see in the image.

Short haircut with marked stripe

On the other hand, the marked stripes boys haircuts remain a trend for the short-haired man. If you want to be able to wear this type of cut, you should bet on a cut in which the line is marked not only because you comb the hair sideways, but also because it is done with the help of a small shaving or shaving machine, since thanks to her, we will make the line more evident.


Medium haircuts for young boy 2018

The medium boys haircuts length is another option for those men who want a real change in what regards hair and in the case of Spring Summer 2018, we will be able to find cuts in which this type of hair is imposed or is in fact, the best choice.

Half degraded hair

One of the best options for the men’s mane press in this Spring Summer 2018 is the style or cut weathered so that the length of the top is asymmetric to the bottom. In this way, you will get more movement in your half mane. On the other hand, it is yet to be seen what the length of that half-decayed mane is.

On the one hand, we have to say that the length of the hair should reach at least up to the nose so that you will avoid the annoying sensation of the hair in the eyes constantly. On the other hand, the melena stockings that are really framed in the asymmetry will be those that take most during Spring-Summer 2018.


Curly Hair Cuts for Young Boy 2018

Curly hair is always considered a type of hair difficult to master, although the truth is that a large number of products that can be found in the market today, makes it increasingly possible to change a style.

Curly hair with natural style 2018

In this way, one of the curly boys haircuts for young boy Spring Summer 2018 is a natural style. For years, as I say, men with curly hair have been determined to master those curls or even smooth them, but luckily it has become fashionable a “look” that is more natural certainly influenced by the “retro” style.


Curly hair back

On the other hand, short and curly hair is also a trend. The guys who have curly hair, you can reduce their effect, with shorter sides, and be leaving the central part combed back. In this way, your curls will look fresh and always combed Top 10 Drinks That Help You Lose Weight. In the photo gallery below we have other curly hair options for young boy Spring Summer 2018.

Wavy Haircuts for Young Boy 2018

If your hair is not curly at all but is actually wavy you have other options to change the “look” during the Spring Summer 2018 season. Thus, you can poster for a much more current or youthful aspect thanks to the bet for the fringe that we saw earlier and from which we can verify that it also looks great with wavy hair.


Wavy hair shaved sides

If you want to look a bit more “radical”, nothing like betting on wavy hair at the top, and leave the sides much more reduced even with a shaved style. Let’s see below, other proposals of cuts of wavy hair for Young Boy Spring Summer 2018.


Smooth Hair Cuts for Young Boy 2018

On the other hand, straight hair also includes the possibility that we can take it with the latest trends in haircuts for young men in this Spring Summer 2018 and in this way, you can choose, for example, a style like the one we see in the image, with shaved sides and combed back.


Hair raised

Another option if you have straight hair, is to raise the hair. In this way, you can opt for a fresh style in which the bangs and the central area are raised with the help of a little wax. In the photo gallery below, we leave you other proposals of smooth hair for young men.

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