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Easter and April Fools Day 2018 Pranks to Play on your family and friends

april fools day

Celebrate Easter and April Fool 2018 together this year

Today, bringing few interesting facts about the upcoming holidays.  We know that the calendar could never be a piece of entertainment but some interesting facts can make it a pleasing leisure. In the upcoming month we are having the April fool’s day and the Easter on the same date that is 1st April 2018, Wednesday.

Where this day will double the enjoyment, but on the other hand it will ruin the charm of two holidays as both the spiritual and international event are on the same day. Such event last happened in 1945, we are so lucky though, watching these amazing things happening again. It will really bring an amusement to see people confused that what to celebrate or what to left. Some might seem completely exotic and excited for both the events mix and matching the religious event with funny holiday.

The day of humor and pranks; 1st April

The April Fools’ Day, a fun for few but a serious for those who become the target of others’ pranks… every year on this day, across different countries of the world people play jokes with each other. The person who get victimized of other’s pranks is said as the April fool, soon after exposing the joke, all members shout “April fool”.

The false stories also publish in magazines and other information channels which later reveals as the fake news or written in small letters below the news. But this day is still not considerable as a public holiday.

Still the actual background and origin of 1st April is unknown. But this day is celebrated since a longtime ago yet the German Romans celebrated it as Hilaria”.


Some facts about Easter


Every year the people celebrate Easter with great joy and Holy Spirit. It is celebrated to revive the incident of Prophet Isaah and his resurrection from his tomb after his torment. It is simply a remembrance of fact that truth and good can never be defeated from lie and sin always have to pay back.

The Easter mostly falls in the starting or mid of April and very often in the end of March. Easter and 1st April holiday earlier happen together in the following years. 1850, 1866, 1877, 1888, 1923, 1934, and 1945.

The trend of celebrating Easter on first Sunday after the occurring of first fall moon or equinox was set in late 325AD by the Council of Nicaea.

In Greek and Latin, the Easter is called as “Resurrection Day” or “Resurrection Sunday”.

The Easter was earlier named as hebdomada Alba meaning “The White Week”.

People use to fast for forty days and pray to their lord to purify their souls and get the long lasting eternity.

“The Easter rabbit” is another association with this festival. There are several reasons for such weird bonding. One is that it comes in spring which is also the hare’s fertility season representing the rising of new life. Hare is also considered as an ancient symbol for moon.


The Easter Lilies and Easter Lambs are also some association to this festival.

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