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Everything You Must Know About The Coca Cola Freestyle Dispenser

Coca Cola Freestyle Dispenser

Coca cola freestyle dispenser offers 100 + different drink combinations like, diet coke, coke zero, coca cola life, cherry coke, vanilla coke and so on. This is unique from other drink dispensers that only provide 10 or less different drinks. Most important aspect that it makes unique from others is that they use marketing skills by promoting the user friendly touch screen technology so that consumers can easily pick the combinations of their drink. This is found in many restaurants all over the world because their guests love the new brand varieties, many of which they cannot buy at the store.


Technologies Used:

Microdispensing and proprietary purepour technologies are involved in coca cola freestyle dispenser. Both technologies were originally developed to deliver precise doses of drugs.

The new technologies allow coca cola to do market analysis to look at customer preference to determine what consumers want. Selected drinks are automatically sent back to headquarters via network connection. In this way they can easily do research and development without having to go through customer surveys. It is an efficient way to determine what is popular and what is not, and also inventory management is made simpler.


Free Style Dispenser Design:

This amazing and innovative freestyle dispenser is wrapped in a sleek inviting design. Coca cola freestyle dispenser is not only a blast, it is good for business too. The ultimate drink experience has boosted sales and increased guest traffic for the restaurants that boast the machines. For many decades, over 70% of all the restaurants with a fountain machine have had a coca cola branded dispenser that serves coca cola products. It is easy to use.


Guest loves the fresh taste, the intense aromas of the flavored beverages and the perfect carbonation of each drink. These things, along with the fun touch screen interface are the magic of coca cola freestyle.

Coca Cola: Leading Brand:

You all know very well that coca cola is already the leading brand of soft drinks and this new machine could lead them into an even higher profit margin. With flat sales in soft drinks over the years, this machine may revitalize the soft drink market. This is one of coca cola strategy to furthermore differentiate itself from other brands of soft drinks, and raise the barrier of entry.

Love It Or Hate It?

Many customers are love with this freestyle coca cola sleek and minimalist machine, combining a dispensing unit that recalls the chrome soda fountains of the 50s with the subtle molded contours of a contemporary illuminated cabinet. It is also appears to be gaining traction, as it is available in more than 4000 locations. This is the evidence of love for freestyle coca cola dispenser.

free style coca cola

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