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What is ERP and odoo ERP

Odoo, A Basic Need of Business Management

What is ERP and Odoo ERP

The term ERP generally stands for “Enterprise Resource Planning”, refers to the systems and assembled software to be used in an organization. The purpose of ERP is to facilitate the businesses in management activities prioritizing the project management, accounts, and manufacturing etc.  It serves as a knot that ties together several working spheres together, integrating them in such a way that provides an easier workflow and data transfer.


But, with the rapid increase in working dynamics of businesses, it becomes difficult to perfectly execute and manage with ERPs only and this is the reason that aroused the need of Odoo ERP.

Odoo ERP is also acknowledged as Open ERP. It is a compiled set of business apps that equips all the necessary elements required to manage company’s operations. It offers more than 1000 working modules as per company’s operational management and other needs. Some distinct working modules of Open ERP are CRM, Project Management, Sales, Financial Management and Human Resource.

The Odoo ERP is a widely used and flexible open-source solution globally, available in the cloud and on-site structures to well entertain the small and mid-sized industries. its flexible integration helps the user to alter the functionalities according to their needs.


Featuring Odoo


  • Continuous Modification, Odoo equips the feature of modification and customization when needed with the latest source code, due to its license free up gradation.


  • Module Integration, Odoo make it easier to integrate different modules in it such as Sales, Marketing, and Finance etc.


  • Managing Background Processes, Odoo works behind the curtain, it manages operation right from the beginning including inventory, sales, and purchase of products, marketing, invoicing and shipment etc.


  • Adding sub-features modules, it facilitates several other features that are needed but underestimated to have a proper format. Such as creating Charts, Reports, Quotations, invoices, and e-mails etc.


  • Some More Advanced Features, it collaborates with the features of template designing, blogging, chatting, notification and automated scheduling etc.


  • A diversified Platform, Odoo further offers its users to conveniently manage multiple companies, currencies, and languages simultaneously.
  • Easy Accessible Portals, it allows the users to interact with different available and online portals, integrated for online payments, transactions, document submissions etc.


  • Reliable, Compatible and affordable, Odoo services are reliable and compatible with any business need because of its customizable features. Furthermore, it offers a wide range of services at very affordable prices.


The customers just need to pay for those Open ERP services they have asked for along with the facility to activate more features when needed.  Being the associates of Odoo ERP systems we also make sure to deliver the on-time services and direct support to our clients…

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