Days of our lives spoilers: Is it illegal to talk about your favorite series on the Web?”, Article by Ignacio González de Aledo, ECIJA lawyer.

American series have come to our lives to stay. And with them, the famous spoilers . This phenomenon, which comes from the verb “to spoil” (in Castilian, “ruin” or “spoil”), is simply to reveal or inform in advance about what will happen in a series, movie or book, thus reducing emotion about its final content.

The online media and social networks are the main sources of spoilers , so it is increasingly common to find on the Internet notices that try to prevent readers from accessing information about content they have not yet seen. Thus, it is increasingly common that when opening a news item on the last chapter of our favorite series we find the following message: “This article contains spoilers . Read at your own risk. ”

So far, no one had doubted the legality of the spoilers . Simply, it was enough not to open social networks during the days after the publication of a chapter or not to click on the news that spoke about it and that we could reveal their content in advance. But YouTube and HBO have appeared on the scene. The culprit: the well-known “Game of Thrones”.

Days of our Lives spoilers for the week

A few Days Of Our Lives Spoilers, the video portal, at the request of the American television channel, withdrew several videos of the Spanish youtuber “Frikidoctor” in which it foresees and, therefore, “spoiled” what was going to happen in the coming chapters of the popular series. According to HBO, Lives Spoilers videos infringed intellectual property rights belonging to the producer, so these should be removed from YouTube, which has an online form to notify possible copyright infringement.

But the HBO victory was short-lived. Just two days after YouTube removed the videos from the “Frikidoctor” channel that included spoilers and predictions of the upcoming episodes of “Game of Thrones”, the platform decided to return the videos to the youtuber page , understanding that no The intellectual property right of the American producer had been violated.

Therefore, the fact that the battle waged between the chain that owns the rights to “Game of Thrones” and a Spanish youtuber has ended with the victory of the latter only confirms that it is permissible to publish spoilers and predictions on the network, despite the efforts of producers and chains to protect their contents and prevent their anticipated dissemination.

days of our lives spoilers

In any case, and to avoid conflicts with those who hold the intellectual property rights of the series or films, it would be advisable, as far as possible, not to use images, brands or content owned by the channel or production company in the spoilers , and may imply an improper use of intellectual property rights.

But the phenomenon of spoilers on “Game of Thrones” goes much further. Recently Google Chrome, in an attempt to prevent its users from accessing information from the “Game of Thrones” episodes before having seen them, has launched the “GameOfSpoils” application that, once installed in the browser, detects and blocks any news published on Google, Facebook or Twitter that contains information about the HBO series. Will they manage to end up with the spoilers like that ?

Imagine waking up every day being a different person and you can only live this life for only 24 hours until you change your body again.

This is what happens in this intricate film that shows a spirit, being or being that does not have a certain corporeal form; but that has its own personality and mind.

Since he has use of reason, his life has passed in the change of body day after day; always in people who represent his age and always trying to go unnoticed in the life he usurps.

This romantic and dramatic Days Of Our Lives Spoilers comedy tells the life of this boy who proclaimed himself   “A”, for having a name that represents him alone.

His life is simple usurps a body every day and tries to make the itinerary of that person until the end of the day when he falls asleep and wakes up being someone else.

Everything gets complicated when one of his transitions becomes the boyfriend of a girl named Rhiannon; who invites you to miss the day of class and go out to have fun at the beach.

He ends up falling in love with the girl and despite changing his body, he looks for her again to keep being close to her.

The follies he has to go through to convince Rhiannon of the problem he has; and having to explain to him taking advantage of the memories he has of that happy day they spent together.

It is hilarious to see how sometimes it is a boy and sometimes a girl, who tries to deal with what she feels. He no longer cares about having to comply with his system to go unnoticed and even travels several kilometers to be with her.

Their relationship progresses as they get to know each other no matter what their appearance may be, making them leave their boyfriend.

There is even a day that wakes up being her despite the fact that it represents the day that is most terrified; because he does not want to make any mistakes and he does so.

Improves her relationships with her parents and even advances the task of the week.

As much as they try to make everything work, things get complicated; especially when it tries to stay longer in the same body. This forces him to rethink what he does and see how this could affect his future.

To top it off, he enters the body of a study partner of hers and discovers that he is a great boy; that could suit her as a couple.

He ends up talking to her and informs her of the inconveniences of going ahead with the relationship.

In the future, how could they make it work? when he wakes up being a father of a family and children are involved.

The fact that they would have a child and she would have to raise him alone would also have repercussions; for the lack of their presence or the child could inherit their peculiarity and force the child to always wake up in different families.

This does not seem fair to him; that the child will suffer the same inconveniences that he has to go through every day.

Unfortunately the relationship Days Of Our Lives Spoilers ends there, with the farewell of his impossible love and returning to his routine life; but with a change exerted by it.

This time he will live trying to make his mark on the people he is passing by.

If you are one of those who enjoyed Days Of Our Lives Spoilers this movie, leave in the comments that was what you liked the most.

You think that the relationship should have tried to find some solution or the arguments of this are sufficient incentive to separate.