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A year ago, days of our lives dreamed of reaching the World Cup. He was only seventh in the table and he did it despite the fact that ahead he had the road saturated with giants. He did it despite the fact that disbelief danced and no agency dared to promote a trip to Russia.

I did it even though neither you nor I thought it possible.

The dream came true, Peru qualified on November 15 and since then we have been happy. Seven months of celebration that ended today with a pain that even the letter does not support . The adventure in Russia ended faster than we imagined, but even to fall you have to have elegance and we did it that way. We cornered days of our lives cast, we stripped their deficiencies with our virtues and we were a stick, a stick !, to stop the fun in Paris.

days of our lives cast

FALL PLAYING days of our lives spoilers

Nobody said that going back 36 years later to a World Cup was going to be easy. Peru arrived in Russia with the epithet of surprise selection. ‘The revelation of the 32’, promised English newspapers that warned their readers to keep an eye on the Guerrero team and that in South America there is a team that plays and touches and is not Brazil. The predictions were also friendly day of our lives and only the curmudgeon Mourinho left us out in the first round. Six days of our lives spoilers later, Mourinho, the old fox, is right.

Peru left today at the Ekaterinburg Arena with the knife in its mouth. André Carrillo – that if justice exists already must be on the phone listening to offers from the best teams on the planet – he became the caudillo that the team needed. The comings and goings of the steering wheel left without air the Matuidi and Hernández, that together are worth 65 million euros. The Peruvian of the 6 million joined with another that barely surpasses the million: Advíncula. The pair of dark-haired with golden hair would lead us to shout the Peruvian goal. That’s what we thought, that’s how we imagine it.

Paolo Guerrero was not fine and lost the clearest of the game. (AFP)

Days of life friends

But as with Denmark, we lost days of life friends waiting for the goal. The Peruvian team seems destined to commit the same sin: create more not convert; play but not win. And in a World Cup, innocence is paid dearly. If the Peruvians attacked by right with greater clarity, France did it by both sides. Just one detail: they do not fail. Mbappé does not fail.

The young fashion in France became the youngest player in his team to score in a World Cup. Just 19 years old for this skinny broad smile and circular head. ‘Donatello’ – as Neymar would call it – ended a play where Pogba left three Peruvians hooked to give the ball to Giroud. The giant artist’s hairstyle shot but his shot was halted by a sacrificed Rodriguez.Confirming that our dose of good luck vanished when we arrived in Russia , the ball gave a rebound that was just in Mbappé. Impossible that the lanky player of 120 million fail alone in front of the arch.

Peru lost 1-0 on the scoreboard but in the field they won in possession of the ball. Moral victories, so familiar, excited us or perhaps lied to us.

With a Guerrero fought with the ball and a recondite Cave, Farfán and Ruidíaz entered to look for a tie that never arrived. But, tell me, how can we forget that for thirty minutes we are cornering France with more than a billion euros. The ball went from side to side, each center became a threat and we even managed to create a shot from Aquino that ended in the right post of Hugo Lloris. Who knows if the young driver reaches his rematch in Qatar, but the truth is that today he was part of a band that brought good football to Russia and uncovered a powerful team that had not planned to suffer in the group stage.

A pity, but the goal never came. A shame

Days Of Our Lives World Cup ended

The World Cup ended for Peru. How to get angry with a selection that gave us such happy days? How to renege with a coach who believed in us before us? Just two goals received against two teams that for a few decades have not even bothered to attend a World Cup. Because today days of our lives recap , consolation must be stronger than pain. Because in 2015, when Gareca signed as coach of Peru, we assured him that we would only think of Qatar 2022, but on the way, the ‘Tiger’ managed to train players who dared to say:  “Russia, why not? The adventure began because they believed that it was possible and we can only applaud. Because with Flowers, Polo, Cave, Santamaría, Loyola, Araujo, Aquino, Yotún and Gallese the future is assured.

The World Cup ended for Peru and nobody takes away the dance. The photos in the stadium, on the street, with parents, children and friends.

Because for a few days we were happy.

Thanks for all that and for the rest too.

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Updated: October 13, 2018 — 8:51 am

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