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The 10 Best Food Trucks in Washington

The 10 Best Food Trucks In Washington

If you are looking for a quick lunch as your way through the city many monument and museum, there is no better choice than a food truck. A food truck is a large vehicle equipped to cook and sell food. With low investments and minimum risks involved, food trucks are now becoming the popular choice for opening a restaurant business.

In the state of Washington, the food truck scene continues to grow. Here are some of the tasty food trucks found throughout Washington.

1. Cheese Wizards:

Cheese Wizards food Trucks located in Seattle, this mobile venue features four savory sandwiches bursting with cheesy goodness, Furthermore, homemade tomato basil soup, a salad and a decadent desert sandwich are also available from the “Wizard Wagon”.

Cheese Wizards

2. BBq Bus:

You can usually find the truck at farmers markets or on the streets of DC. It specializes in slow-cooked meats and sauces made from scratch, as well as pulled pork and beef brisket. All meals are served with smoked beans and slaw.


3. Goodies Frozen Custard And Treats:

Goodies frozen custard and treats food truck is DC first and only Gourmet Frozen Custard and vintage/retro mobile eatery.

Wisconsin style frozen custard is as smooth as soft serve but much more decadent. The plain vanilla is superlative and tastes like a mix of fresh cream and about a dozen egg yolks.

Goodies Frozen Custard And Treats

4. PHO Junkies:

It brings a unique twist to Vietnamese fare, including every possible form of dining you could think of.

Popular menu items include the pork belly tacos on Roti canai, served with lime mayo, pickled carrots and daikon and the beef tendon meatball pho, served with a deep fried Chinese bread stick and poached egg. The truck also serves up iced coffee, which offers a surprising blend of exotic flavors and great taste.

pho5. The Orange Cow:

This neat spotted truck serving high quality frozen treats at wallet friendly prices. Its signature gourmet ice cream flavors include butter brickle, coffee oreo, coconut chocolate crunch and green tea. You will also find delightful frozen desserts such as homemade ice pops, mini fudge brownie sundaes and sprinkled with sea salt.

Without any doubt, book the orange cow for your next special event and create happy memories with your friends and family.

The Orange Cow

6. Pepe:

Jose Andres food truck is serving Spanish flaunt sandwiches, soup and virgin cocktails. They make up sandwiches the bulk of the menu and you find the most pleasure in the simplest combinations, such as Serrano ham, Manchego and olive oil on a thin ficelle or a club sandwich with shallot mayo.


7. Bada Bing:

Bada Bing makes a mean cheese steak, but its most popular menu item is the Spiedie Sangweech, which is a hero sandwich with marinated pork or chicken. If you want to go slightly lighter in fare, try the Spiedie Salad with a choice of five toppings.

It also offers seasonal sides, chips and drinks for a great to go meal.

Bada Bing

8. Fava Pot:

This Middle Eastern food truck combines a variety of healthy and delicious dining. One and the most important reason to choose this truck is that cooking is health minded and the ingredients are carefully sourced.

The crunchy green falafel balls are infused parsley, with coriander and mint and the grilled Cornish game hen is marinated in yogurt, lemon and sumac.


9. Reggae Vibes:

This truck is certainly giving you some good vibes to go along with some good Caribbean grub! Menu items include the classic Jamaican dish, jerk chicken as well as other delicacies like curry chicken, beef patty, plantains and much more.

reggae vibes

10. Arepa Zone:

This food truck with its vibrant flavors and friendly service, it is a huge crowd favorite. Its offering is of course, the Arepa : thick hearty rounds of grilled maize, stuffed to perfection with marinated meats, cheese and fresh salsas. With beautiful combinations of tangy, zesty and savory flavors in every bite, it is no wonder this truck has claimed so many prizes.



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