In the Lakers rumors 2018, after several years, there is illusion. First for what this year may hold, capitalized by the arrival of Lonzo Ball, but also by the summer of 2018

Perhaps it is a bit risky to head this way the following article, with a statement that could include some questions to reformulate a question, but the expectation for these new lakers trade rumors is such, that I dare to say that the “Showtime” is going to be back in the Californian city soon. I’m not talking about deadlines, may this year continue to suffer, I’m talking about a post-Bryant reconstruction that is leading to an exciting project that could find its biggest turning point next summer , in this, there has already been a first step to that inflection is not any step, it’s Lonzo Ball, although the following movements can still be better.

Betting strong one year to raise the bet in summer

We must recognize Lakers Rumors 2018 the good work of Magic Johnson this summer. It was not easy to get rid of the contracts of Mozgov and Deng, and although surely the objective was or is, having been able to get the two, they managed to do it with at least one of them, Timofey Mozgov. The Russian pivot packed his bags towards Brooklyn Nets, where his compatriot Mihaly Phrokorov will welcome him with open arms. In return came Brook Lopez, the main emblem in recent times for the Nets. Yes, always, and I always say, to let go of a problem like in this case was Mozgov, you have to sacrifice something, and the victim (although not as much personally) has been D’Angelo Russell, and I say not so much because in Brooklyn , the talented base will be able to develop with complete freedom the brushstrokes left by LA.



Another one that arrives, this time from free agency, is Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, a complete escort that has left great sensations in Detroit, and who hopes to continue growing at the command of Luke Walton. His signature was the least surprising, as he had a long list of suitors who offered him more money than the Lakers, a project of more years, which translates into stability and security for the future. Signing for a year is a risk for him, although he can do well and revalue himself even more next summer, but that signature is a sporting and economic strategy for Californians facing the summer of 2018, which I will explain later, why should we remember that both Lopez and Caldwell-Pope will end their contract at the end of the course that is about to begin? .

Next to them, they land in Los Angeles, Andrew Bogut and Tyler Ennis, players who can contribute from the second unit.

The best Lakers Rumors 2018 Draft since the summer ?

Only time can clear is unknown. The 1996 Draft changed the recent history of the Lakers, because in it they managed to get a Kobe Bryant through a transfer on the same night of the ceremony with Charlotte Hornets, the team that chose the Mamba in 13th place.

On this occasion, a few months before the raffle they smiled, because they ran the risk of losing a precious pick to have fallen out of the top-3, in which case it would have gone to Philadelhia his choice. But fate wanted to give the Angelenos a chance to grow again, and they were left with the 2nd choice of a Draft loaded with talent, and above all, bases, which the Lakers seemed determined to reinforce before the rumors of departure both Russell and Clarkson.

The doubt, if there was any, was to see what the Sixers were going to do in the first position, whether to go through the logic of Fultz, break the rumors and select Ball or surprise with a riskier bet like Josh Jackson could be or Tatum. Finally they decided on the logical route and took Fultz, which left the Californians completely clear to select Lonzo Ball , a UCLA-based base and faithful follower of the Lakers along with his entire family. A family that will also enter the scene a little later.

With Ball, the Lakers ensure a top base for the next few years, some even want to compare it with Magic. The truth is that there may be similarities, but you can not judge any player, no matter how good a project he is or to see him stand out in the NCAA and in the Summer League.

After Lonzo, we must talk about Kyle Kuzma, without a doubt the great revelation of the summer. The Lakers rumors news took him to position 27, thanks to the transfer with Brooklyn, and from the first moment the sensations are unbeatable. Several games over 20 points and MVP of the Summer League Final, and leading scorer in the preseason games of the Lakers to date. Without a well-defined position, you can act as a 3, as open 4, is a player that adapts to the current NBA situation, where the versatility, the outside shot and a great physique dominate. A priori, with Deng, Randle or even Nance Jr, we could think that his minutes in this first season could be somewhat limited, but seeing the amount of things he can do on the parquet.

The Ball family and the consequences for Lonzo

The spotlights are on Lonzo long before it was known of their landing in Los Angeles. In most cases, the big stars that make it to the NBA do so on a discrete level, or at least get to know each other on their own, without their families being too involved in the process that takes them from college to basketball professional. In the case of the elder of the Ball that has been impossible, his father LaVar has spent too much time scorching the media with incendiary statements that quickly put the media attention on him and his three children, that at least two of them (Lonzo and LaMelo) are great basketball projects.


The life of the Ball is a real reality, in the purest style of the Kardashian, but male and sports version. 

 Lavar has been active and passive with major league legends such as Jordan, Barkley or Nash, has released its own brand of sportswear (Big Baller Brand) to compete with Nike, Adidas or Under Armor putting astronomical prices on their products , has forced the Lakers practically to select Lonzo and ensuring that all his children will end up playing there, has pressured LeBron to also sign for the Angelenos, has taken his son LaMelo out of the institute, and together, they have even appeared in a WWE program …

The character that has created LaVar no longer goes unnoticed, and does not generate half measures. Hate or love. And that can seriously hurt the Lakers rookie.

Until now, it seems that he has been the one who has most distanced himself from his father’s behavior and wants to shape his own future by himself, something that will benefit him throughout his career. The maturity he has shown so far on the field, must also be demonstrated outside if he does not want his career to be punctuated by continuous polemics generated by his closest environment. LaVar will always be on everyone’s lips and should wait in the background watching the successes come by themselves, although it seems too late. And this has just begun.

Free agency of 2018, the great bet laker

To form a large group of young people, the Staples, the city, the history, the hobby, the media, the glamor … all this attracts, and the great stars are no strangers to it. Most players always dream of playing some day in the Lakers, and perhaps now is the great moment to do so, with a project that, with one or two great pieces, could return to what has always been a champion nucleus. The “timming” has smiled at the Lakers, and fate has wanted a good group of talented young people to arrive at the team just before one of the most appetizing free agencies of recent years, the 2018.

The names that could come to the market scare: LeBron James, Chris Paul, DeMarcus Cousins, Paul George, Isaiah Thomas, Carmelo Anthony, Dwyane Wade, DeAndre Jordan, Jabari Parker, Joel Embiid, LaMarcus Aldrige, among others. Practically an All-Star template, no?

The one that has fallen off the list at the last minute, and was one of the most sound to strengthen the Lakers was Westbrook, who has signed the largest expansion in history with Oklahoma, where he will receive 41 million dollars per season during the next six years. This renewal could also mean that a George, which was another of the main goals of the Angelenos, is deleted from that list, and that he can now seek to secure a promising future with Russ in the Thunder.

So, even if the list is shortened, the illusion is still intact in the offices, and more knowing that the Lakers will have enough space to be able to sign two of those stars, being LeBron the great objective and perhaps Cousins ​​the most necessary.

In the best of scenarios, if they manage to sign those two players, we can only imagine a quintet with: Lonzo-Clarkson-Ingram-LeBron-Cousins, with Randle and Kuzma on the bench. Candidates to everything? Without a doubt, yes. Dreaming is free.