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Minecraft houses has a top notch focus on survival and constructing shelters to shield itself, however due to its very massive and simple blocks, it’s miles occasionally tough to construct something aesthetically enjoyabletest out a step-through-step guide on a way to make stunning and pricey homes with a few modern brushstrokes and production hints.

The success of Minecraft houses blueprints

In video games to talk about two years ago is already something old, Minecraft houses was launched in October 2015 for multiple platforms, from PlayStation 4, Nintendo, Xbox to iOS and Android. The first season of the game consists of 5 episodes, and a second one is announced for July 2017.

Minecraft Houses

The player has an alter ego in the game called Jesse, who along with his friends embarks on an adventure to find the Order of the Stone. The game is made of cubes, and its success among other factors is that it is very entertaining, it absorbs you, and allows the player many interaction options, creating things. Spells, materials, objects, houses, is a game with many modalities that is enjoyed even more in the company. The game has a survival or survival mode where resources are more limited.

Know All The Episodes And Their Plots

‘Minecraft’ is a video game that blows our imagination, allows us to build everything, but we do not always know how to do it, having an endless number of alternatives. Fortunately, there are tutorials that tell us how to proceed. One of the most famous tutorials of ‘Minecraft blueprints’, which has become viral YouTube, has to do with how to make a modern home with luxury details: pool, terrace, some plants as an ornament. The ‘Minecraft’ tutorial, created by YouTube user FLoRiXoX & GioYT, consists of three videos, the first of which has become viral with more than 7 million hits.


Minecraft Houses

Steps to make houses Minecraft

Minecraft Houses

1. Find a appropriate region for your home minecraf house that isn’t always isolated however close to a village or inhabited area, so it will likely be less complicated to negotiate with one-of-a-kind items. every other point to hold in thoughts, you will want to have a water supply nearby, look for a suitable place that meets these situations.
2. Decide the size of your house, to be the first best we are the average size of about 8 x 8 X 10 blocks and a height of about 5 blocks.
3. Start by lifting one wall first and the one opposite. Then in the two that remain, you can put windows if you wish. You will have to leave spaces of 1 × 3 more or less to fit the windows.
4. Couple the crystals that you have in the inventory in the windows.
5. Cover the house with the roof, if you are playing with few resources, survival mode. Enter the house and aim the cursor at the ceiling until you can rest on the built walls.
6. Create the door for your house with wooden slats of a size 3X2.
7. Search your inventory for elements that you can combine to decorate the house or look for objects outside. Ready already know basic building houses Minecraft!

Minecraft Houses

Review: Medieval Fortresses (Minecraft)

My son is enthusiastic creating his own medieval castles thanks to Minecraft’s medieval Fortresses , which we have received from Penguin Random House . Medieval Fortresses is one of the novelties of the Montena label that I am sure will delight fans of the Minecraft game.

Minecraft is a virtual construction game, which attracts a lot of attention from children and teenagers. One of its main characteristics is that it encourages creativity. Imagination has no limits in Minecraft. At the same time as children and adolescents play, they work on spatial reasoning, they manage their resources, they apply notions of geometry … If we stop to think carefully, it is a fairly complete and enriching game.

Technical sheet of medieval fortresses (Minecraft)

Title: Medieval Fortresses

Author: Various authors

Stamp: Montena

Theme: Children, constructions, Minecraft tutorials …

Recommended age: From 9

minecraft houses blueprints

Synopsis of Medieval Fortresses (Minecraft) Medieval fortresses comes packed with tutorials, tricks and ideas that allow you to create castles, villages and traps in the Minecraft game. Thus, modern house players can build their own empire set in medieval times. Also, there is a lot of information about life in this era. The book is divided into three parts: castles, villages and traps. Castles and villages in which all its parts and accessories are detailed. As for the traps, it offers all the information so that 4 types can be created.

Personal opinion about Medieval fortresses (Minecraft) At home Minecraft is one of the games to which more hours have been dedicated, and not only on the computer or in the console, but with Lego constructions and with several of the books published by Montena: Redstone Guide, Basic Guide, Guide of construction, combat guide , … So it’s no wonder that my children, especially the little one, waited impatiently for the arrival of medieval Fortresses. At first glance it is a very attractive book. It consists of a good binding, hard cover, with a large size, but very manageable and accurate illustrations and well done on the different castle constructions in the typical block style so characteristic of the game players. It can be said that the constructions that appear in the copy Medieval Fortresses (Minecraft) are very elaborate and precise. And besides, he not only teaches how to assemble the pieces of the strengths, but offers ideas and suggestions to be able to experiment with elements created by the player himself.

The strength that can be built with the game has been described by my children as impressive, and can be customized in the distribution and decoration to the reader’s taste. In addition to creating the constructions, Medieval Fortresses will advise you on how to use each element to avoid the dangers to which you expose yourself: zombies, creepers and others, that will stay at bay creating powerful defenses. It is ideal for those who start in the game of Minecraft and do not know very well how to start building, with what materials … One of the things that I like about this issue is that, in the form of a game, there is a lot of information about life in medieval times: the type and why of the different architectural elements, construction materials, what they are and how they are they use, the different rooms that the castles had, what they were and what they were for, what were the elements that the villages had: cathedrals, inns, markets, houses, … and how everyday life developed in them Another positive impression is that, once the tutorial of each construction is completed, the book offers ideas and suggestions to be able to personalize the strength, thus encouraging creative thinking.

minecraft houses

The illustrations are an important part of the issue and are highly illustrative, along with the plans and schemes. This book is useful not only for beginners, but for those more versed in the game, it is an interesting source of ideas, since through the tutorials you can find solutions to make your constructions more elaborate and detailed. The only thing that we have missed is that it does not put for what version of it is. Personally I think that, if by chance you are looking for books for those kids who find it hard to get into the habit of reading, a good way to start to love reading is to enter those things that they like, in this case the game Minecraft . In general it is a highly recommended book, well structured visually, and with information about both the game and the medieval period, it also encourages the use of creativity, encouraging the reader to make their own designs and to devise with their imagination how they want to create their own Minecraft world.

Amazing minecraft house

If you are going to make your first home in Minecraft, we have some tips and tricks to do it more easily. This construction game allows unlimited adjustments and elements to customize each building. We gather several in this tutorial guide. Today we explain how to build your own house in  step by step. It is a guide to have your first home , which will be basic but fully functional. Later you can redesign it to add new decorative elements or expand its size. At the moment, there are not many tricks that work as shortcuts to make a house . You can simply create it in creative mode easily and simply, since that is where you have all the necessary materials at your fingertips. If you play in survival mode, you will have to be patient and follow all the tips to gather the different materials and essential elements.

Cool minecraft houses to make

Before you start building a building in Minecraft you have to decide which materialsyou are going to make it from Brick, stone or wood are three of the options. For this tutorial we have chosen wood because it is easy to find. You only have to cut down a tree with an ax and transform the trunks into planks.

A very necessary warning: if you choose wood, abstain under any concept of lighting a fire inside. You may have to call the fire department.

minecraft houses

How to make a cool minecraft house

Another element to keep in mind is that there are different types of wood. Depending on the tree you will get different logs of different colors. In Creative Mode there is no problem since you have everything, but in survival you must adapt to the environment around you.

Regardless of the type of house you are going to make, you have to put windows on it. If not, more than a home will look like a den. To make windows you must melt sand and create glass.

  • Get the materials
  • Better if you gather several types of wood
  • Do not light a fire in the wood

Old minecraft houses

The best size is between 7×7 and 10×10 blocks. It depends on how buoyant this inventory can allow you some joys. The best height is about 4-5 blocks. If you make it higher you must add a row of materials for each of the four walls, in addition to increasing the size of the roof.

It is recommended that you make your nest near an urban nucleus or some village, so you will have other humans nearby to be able to exchange objects. It may be difficult to find these towns in certain biomes, although there are some tricks to get to them without having to go through the entire Minecraft map.

You should also try to always build near a water source or in a plain, or at least as far as possible from the caves in which the monsters live.

  • Build near a village
  • Try to have a water source nearby
  • Do not make it too big or small

How to make house minecraft

Light is your best friend if you are not yet an expert in combat. The monsters and hostile NPCs of the game do not respawn-they appear-in lit areas, so keeping yourself safe inside the house is an additional security measure. The torches are created with wooden sticks and charcoal. You just have to mix them in your creation box and place them inside your building. However, as we have already mentioned, it is better not to use them in wooden houses. Some details that add to your construction of Minecraft are a bed, paintings and other decorative elements that we are not going to list in this guide. It depends on your taste for interior decoration, although being a basic house you will not have space to add too many things. If you want to see more tips do not miss all our Minecraft tricks .


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