Pokemon episodes in hindi series that burst in the late 1990s, Pokemon is starred by Ash, a boy who relies on the stubborn Pikachu to become a trainer of superpowers. The guri’s dream is to reach the level of a master and, for this, he needs to capture several pokémons and face battles against other teams. In his tail is Team Rocket, specializing in stealing pokémons and keeping an eye on Pikachu.

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Ash’s career traces to today with unreleased episodes and on Thursday (21), reached an important mark: it aired the thousandth episode of the saga that began as a video game and won the world in different platforms. The chapter integrates the newest season, Pokemon: Sun & Moon Ultra Adventures, and will show a marriage between Kukui and Burnet teachers. Below, recall seven landmark episodes of the saga that also has episodes available on Netflix:

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Pokémon, I Choose You, first pokemon in hindi episode of the series, marked the childhood of the Pokémon fans. At age 10, Ash Ketchum can already become a Pokemon Trainer. The problem is that he wakes up late and, upon arriving in Professor Carvalho’s laboratory, discovers that all the Pokémon are gone. Therefore, the boy ends up taking Pikachu, a stubborn pokemon who does not want to stay in the Poke Ball.

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It’s hard to catch pokémons out there, but Ash suffered even as he had to free his Butterfree for the creature to start a new family. Farewell in the episode Goodbye Butterfree is one of the most exciting scenes in the series.

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Ash is battling Blaine and Team Rocket takes the volcano from the island where they are erupting. As they dominate the fire, Ash’s Charizard and Blaine’s Magmar help control the situation. Then the great battle takes place between the Pokémon and Charizard wins, giving Ash the Volcano Insignia. This is the youtube episode Panic in the Volcano.

Ash has a hard time with goodbyes – and so does the audience. In The Burning Desire of Charizard, the boy discovers a training site for wild Charizards and decides that this is the right place to train the Pokémon. He takes leave of his friend for a while and follows the journey. It was his turn to face Gary, one of his main rivals. The Ties that Tied and Can not Beat the Heat are the episodes that show this great encounter.

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In addition to download Pokemon, Ash also gave his first kiss on the show. The Pokemon XY & Z season scene shows Ash’s friends going to the airport to say goodbye to him. The protagonist is returning to his original continent, Kanto, and then will continue to Alola, his next destination. The character Serena could not help but kiss the farewell coach. The kiss itself does not appear, but the scene shows both of them ashamed and implies that they are more than friends. In Go to Hollywood, Meowth !, we know the story of Team Rocket’s Pokémon. In fact, the cat learned to speak to impress a great love, but the plan did not work very well. He ended up considered a freak.