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Privacy Policy

The privacy of the user is our first priority.

We @SMpod recognize the importance of our users’ privacy. The information you share to us is valuable for us and we always keep it safe and secure from all the thefting sights. Your information is never been leaked to any third party and always safeguard as our own assets.

Personal Information

Likewise, the other web portals we also collect your information while commenting or posting on our site. Your shared information may include your name, email address, IP address, browser you have used or might be few thing else. We also track the information of pages you visited throughout the site but these information never get released or sold to any individual outside the premises of


We also entertain the third party advertisements to strengthen and limelight our website. These advertise may use the cookies and web beacons technology. Also, the google uses cookies for adsense program of a website so we are associated to such supporting ads which are not anymore harmful for our users.
For more information you are welcome to contact us through our contact us portal

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