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Super Strongest Wubble Bubble Ball

Wubble Bubble Ball like a Bubble But Plays like a Ball

It is made from top-secret super-thermo –stretch-tacular stuff that makes it squishy, squashy, super soft and light weight and allows it to be inflated to a gigantic THREE FEET TALL. Wubble bubble ball takes approximately two minutes to inflate with the use of battery operated air pump.


This amazing wubble bubble ball not only look like a bubble but also move like a bubble and the most interesting that this ball wont pop like a bubble. You can easily kick it, throw it, bounce it and even sit on it. This lovely ball made by NSI President Frank Land, inspired by his children, who wish to play with a real bubble.


You can play with your wubble inside or outside, but the more room you give yourself to play with a wubble, the more fun you can have! But remember one thing in your mind that don’t leave your wubble in direct sunlight for long time because wubble balls are soft and sunlight can make it really hot, which can make it fragile.


Wubbles are very strong but will pop if you poke them with sharp objects like tree branches, thorns, animal claws, pencils, zombie teeth, fences and vampire bats. If you happen to pop your wubble ball, the inside surface will feel oily. Don’t let that surface come in contact with porous surface or clothing because it can transfer the oil to things it touches. These stains can wash it with cool water and a very tiny amount of standard liquid hand soup. Don’t use dish soup or any other household cleaner because they can damage the chemical structure of the skin.


A wubble is actually made with over ¾ of a pound of plastic! But…once you inflate them, this huge amount of plastic stretches so thin that the wubble acts like they are almost lighter than air. This why they bounce around and move as amazingly as they do.

vivid wedstrijdbal super wubble bubble ball pink roze - Super Strongest Wubble Bubble Ball

Furthermore, you can also draw something on your wubble by a use of permanent marker. Be sure not to color too heavily because the solvent in the marker can damage the skin of your wubble. They can also get wet because they are basically stretchy plastic, so they are pretty much waterproof. You shouldn’t leave them in the pool or in water of any kind for extended periods because that can discolor your wubble.

You should keep the following instructions in your mind for the safety of your wubble bubble ball;

  • If you get a small hole in your wubble, you can seal it temporarily with a small piece of duct tape or any other strong tape.
  • Do not inflate your wubble over 36 inches because it can be damaged much easier.
  • Do not fill your wubble with water because it gets too heavy to have any fun with.
  • Do not poke, stick, pick, jab and bite your wubble with anything sharp.
  • If you are not playing with it, keep it somewhere safe, preferably inside.
  • Maximum user weight 50 kg.

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